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Meet the Gorgeous Girls

At Sanctified Bullies, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of females is unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees and dispositions.

American Bully


American Bully

Amira is off of UEK Otis x UEK Cruella.  She is Embark tested and a tri carrier. This girl is built right! Massive chest, great structure, and big bone. She has a fun and playful personality and so very smart. She thinks she's a lap dog and should be held all the time. A gentle giant.


Birthday: December 16, 2020

Height: 22 TTW

Weight: 110 Ibs 

Head size: 25 inches 


Color: Blue Merle, tri carrier

Registered: ABKC

Pedigree link:



American Bully

This massive girl is off of DCP's Maeve X SCB Eakin of mega built bullies.  She’s the definition of bully! Cocoa is Embark tested and cleared. She has the sweetest temperament, always having to give love to everyone she meets. Cocoa is still a pup and has so much growing to do but she already huge at only 9 months old. Stay tuned on this girl for sure! 

Birthdate: 11/30/2021

Height:21 inches at 9 months

Weight:100 pounds at 9 months

Head size: 23 inches at 9 months

Color: Chocolate Tri

Registered: ABKC

Pedigree link:

American Bully


American Bully


Kalena the masked beauty is thick and compact! Her calm, gentle, and loving temperament makes her stand out among the others. She is Embark tested and clear. She loves to run and play with her other fur buddies and always wants to cuddle with her tiny humans. Shes the dream family companion. Shes blessed us with 2 beautiful litters and now living out her life on the couch, her favorite place to be.

Birthday: December 27, 2019

Color: Blue Brindle

Registered: UKC & ABKC


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