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American Bully Puppies

Quality Guaranteed

All of our puppies come fully registered. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations/deworming and come with a personal medical record folder.  We also have a "Go Home Day Offer" once you pick up your puppy! Which means you will take home your puppy with 30 days insurance coverage that you can choose to continue. We do early neurological stimulation with each puppy from day 3 to day 16 for the following benefits:

1.Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)

2. Stronger heart beats

3. Stronger adrenal glands

4. More tolerance to stress

5. Greater resistance to disease

Read more on what we do with our puppies bellow!

Deposits are $1,000 non refundable

 Pet home option available for reduced price (this means NO BREEDING RIGHTS)

Q: What is picking order or 1st pick, 2nd pick mean?

A: Picking order means the order you get to pick your puppy. Say we have a litter of 10 puppies. 5 males and 5 females. If you want to be the first one to pick out of all the available males you would get “1st pick male”. If you wanted “4th pick male”, you would have to wait until the other three families have picked their puppy and then you would have your choice of the remaining male puppies. 

(After week 7 old, pups will be priced individually)


Available Puppies: Available Pets

Available Puppies!

off of our Cocoa X Royce breeding 



Breeding rights-$5,000 with stud credit
 Pet home-$4,000

Available Puppies: Available Pets

Go Home Day Offer

First 30 days puppy coverage

Bringing your new puppy home is a moment you’ll never forget. With so many things to do, the last thing you want to think about is your new furry friend getting into mischief. Medical insurance for pets can be an important step in sending your new puppy off with their best paw forward, which is why I’ve partnered with Trupanion.
With activation of your Go Home Day Offer from BR1SB04423, you gain access to immediate Trupanion policy coverage. Don’t forget to call within 24 hours of getting your puppy to get set up! Trupanion’s Customer Care team is available 24/7/365 to assist in activating your offer, along with answering any other questions you may have. For more information about the policy coverage, click here.

Don’t forget to ask me for your Go Home Day Offer once you pick up your puppy!
Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (US) and Omega General Insurance Company (CAN)

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What sets us apart...


At Sanctified Bullies our journey begins with healthy, happy parents. All of our parent dogs are extremely well mannered, have great temperaments and undergo genetic health testing. A healthy puppy begins with healthy parents. It is important that our parent dogs are the best examples of what an American Bully should be in order to breed the best puppies.


All our Momma dogs are given the best care throughout their pregnancy. From vet visits, extra nutrition, on-call vet services, and more, our Moms are well prepared to bring their puppies into the world. Once their due date approaches Moms are integrated into their whelping room. Our Whelping Box is fully furnished with nothing but the best for our puppies. Vet bedding is used for the first few weeks to help build up the puppy's joints properly, NO SLIPPERY FLOOR!


Once puppies are born into the world at Sanctified Bullies we begin ENS (early neurological stimulation) at 3 days old. This is performed on days 3-16, including gentle handling and daily weights. ENS is known to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. It's also known as the Super Dog Program.


At 3 weeks old we move into a more advanced curriculum with our puppies set forth by Jeanette Forrey with 4E Kennels. We begin a “10 step puppy massage” every day and increase pressure weekly. We use our 10 step handling exercises to ensure our puppies are exposed to various types of touch, handling and sensation. This includes eyes, nose, inside mouth, around collar, tummy, down back, pull tail, tug on ears, and tapping nails


At 3 weeks we also begin socializing our puppies to different sounds, sights, textures, things to climb on, run through and more. We believe in empowering over enabling our puppies. We set them up to conquer physical and mental challenges every day. By doing this we build our puppies nerve strength and confidence as well as problem solving skills. Our goal is providing our puppies with a stable and enriching environment for the first 8 weeks of their lives.


At 7 weeks of age we conduct a puppy aptitude test on each individual puppy set forth by the Badass Breeder Program. During the test we focus on 12 important puppy temperament traits to help make sure you get a puppy that fits you, your lifestyle and your needs as well as honoring who the puppy is.

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